State High Open Innovation Scholarship


This scholarship will provide recognition and cash awards to graduating State High students who do extraordinary things in fulfillment of the senior project graduation requirement. Winning projects will demonstrate substantial independent learning, innovative exploration of the DIY arts and sciences, and “open source” sharing to encourage others to create, collaborate, and extend. The award will be advertised during the 2015-2016 school year and awarded for the first time in May 2016.


Applicants will submit a multimedia project portfolio, hosted on a free online platform, that shares and documents an innovative innovative open source project in the arts, science, or engineering—preferably all three! The portfolio must be "open source"—it must document the project in sufficient detail for someone else to recreate and extend their work. Applicants are encouraged to incorporate freely-available open source software and easily acquired open source hardware into their projects. Works that involve the design, construction, and/or use of do-it-yourself tools are especially encouraged to apply.

Almost anything could be a good candidate for this award:

For inspiration, check out,, /r/DIY, and other cool places on the Internet.


The top (INSERT NUMBER) applicants will receive a share of an $(INSERT NUMBER) unrestricted cash award to continue their education and independent exploration. Additional exceptional entries may be recognized.

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